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What is the deductive research? Explore that and try to remember in your little brains:

There is a waterfall:

Theory → hypothesis → observation → confirmation

  • Deduction begins with the general and ends with specific.
  •  Arguments based on laws, rules and accepted principles – it`s the main things in research.
  • Formal logic has been described as 'the science of deduction'.

Deduction is a method of research, which is opposite to the inductive method.


• p: All mathematicians wear glasses

• q: Anyone who wears glasses is an algebraist

• r: All mathematicians are algebraist

p∧  q→r ≡ (( ∼(( p∧ q)) ∨ r))

p and q

are ttrue simultaneously, r is valid statement

In real life, the statements are true or false, here statement means an atomic statement, thus statements may be simple (atomic) or component. If p, q and r are independent statements, then we need to prove: p∧ q→r


“ The whole of science is nothing

more than

a refinement of everyday thinking”.

— Albert Einstein


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